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Microsoft Surface Book 4: A Comprehensive Review

Introduction to Surface Book 4

When a new product from a behemoth like Microsoft is unveiled, the computer industry is constantly in a frenzy. What’s the big deal about the Microsoft Surface Book 4 then? Let’s investigate further to find out.Surface Book 4

  • Background of the Surface Book Line

The Surface Book series, since its inception, has always been a game-changer. Microsoft aimed to merge a laptop’s functionality and a tablet’s portability, and they’ve nailed it with every iteration.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Performance

This beast is powered by the latest Intel processors, ensuring lightning-fast speeds and seamless multitasking. Have you ever thought about running multiple heavy-duty applications simultaneously without a hiccup? With the Microsoft Surface Book 4, that’s a reality.

  • Design and Build

Crafted with precision, the Microsoft Surface Book 4 is not just about looks but also about durability. Its sleek design and sturdy magnesium alloy build make you feel you are holding the future. Remember the old heavy Business laptops? It feels like a relic from the past now.Design of Surface Book 4

  • Display and Graphics

Boasting a PixelSense™ touchscreen display and incredible graphics options, it’s a treat for gamers and professionals. Have you ever watched a 4K video and felt like reaching out and touching the world inside? That’s the magic of Surface Book 4’s display.

  • Battery Life

Imagine working all day without scrambling for a charger. With up to 17 hours of battery life, the Surface Book 4 makes this dream come true. Remember the days when power cords tied us down? They’re long gone.

User Experience

  • Keyboard and Trackpad

Typing feels more natural and efficient with its well-spaced keys and a responsive trackpad. Have you ever felt the rhythm while typing a long email? It’s almost like dancing with your fingers.

  • Software Enhancements

Microsoft Surface Book 4 seamlessly integrates with Windows 11, offering features tailored for productivity and creativity. It’s like having a personal assistant, but better. Remember the Clippy assistant? This is his more brilliant, invisible cousin.

Comparisons with Previous Models

  • Surface Book 3 vs. Surface Book 4

While the Surface Book 3 was a marvel in its time, the Surface Book 4 takes it up a notch. From improved graphics to a more efficient cooling system, it’s a clear step ahead. But is it like comparing apples to oranges? Not quite, but the evolution is evident.

  • Upgrade Worthiness

The enhanced features and superior performance make a compelling case if you’re pondering the switch from an older model. It’s like trading in your old bicycle for a sports car.

Pros and Cons

  • Benefits of Surface Book 4

Stellar Performance: The Surface Book 4 doesn’t just meet expectations; it exceeds them.
Aesthetically Pleasing: A blend of art and technology.
Versatility: A laptop when you need it, a tablet when you desire it.

  • Areas for Improvement

Price Point: Quality comes with a price tag.
Weight: With power comes a little extra weight, especially when combined with certain performance bases.


The Microsoft Surface Book 4 is more than just a laptop; it’s a statement. While it does have its areas of improvement, its pros vastly overshadow its cons. This is it if you’re looking for a powerhouse wrapped in elegance.

FAQs for Microsoft Surface Book 4

The Surface Book 4 doesn't offer user-upgradable RAM or storage. It's best to select a configuration that suits your future needs.

Yes, the Surface Book 4 ships with Windows 11.

Effortlessly. Thanks to its high-end graphics options and processors, video editing is smooth.

Under optimal conditions and usage, yes. However, intensive tasks may reduce the battery lifespan.

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